Official nextcloud image does not work

sadly docker pull nextcloud gives an error

Error response from daemon: Get "": dial tcp: lookup no such host

Is this the right place or is this an Github issue?


Your host or network environment has issues to resolve the domain name of the registry.
Doesn’t look like a problem of a specific image or docker at all.

Hi thank you for your answer.
I have disabled adblocking and stuff and don’t know what else to try to get this container working.
Sorry im not a networking pro - can you describe how i can check this?

You screenshot shows a different issue: a lack of authentication/autorization information.

The host you run docker on must be able to resolve it, more precisely it must not prevent the docker engine from resolving it. If the host is able to resolve the host, but the docker engine (e.g. in Docker Desktop) is not, then you need to check if your firewall, antivirus or dns-server is responsible for the issue.

I can’t assist you on finding the cause.

Based on other similar reports, I have to ask, are you using Docker Desktop?

Please, share the output of docker version