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Docker on Linux host - ports not reachable

(Fusion44) #1

I’m currently building Docker images but have problems reaching open ports from other computers within the same home network. Docker is running on a Raspberry PI using the Hypriot Docker for ARM distribution(1)

Links are in the gist below since I can only post two at max :slight_smile:

I have two containers running:
Container 1: Bitcoin Node Software (2) which requires opened ports 8332/tcp and 8333/tcp - Dockerfile(3)
Container 2: LND Client(4) requires opened ports 8080, 9735 and 10009 - Dockerfile(5)

I run all images with the appropriate Docker --publish arguments:

-p 8080:8080 -p 9735:9735 -p 10009:10009

I ran different networking related commands to try and identify the problem. Results are in this gist:

I can successfully connect to the opened ports of container 1 and nmap recognises them as opened but not luck with container 2

Docker version 18.05.0-ce, build f150324

Any idea what might be missing? Thanks!