Docker on synology?

hang with me on this one, because i think there may be a couple ways to skin this cat.

does anyone know anything about docker on synology? the synology folks are kindly telling me it’s ‘unsupported’ even though it comes from their package center, and they’ve built an interface wrapper around it. they claim that the docker folks are the ones who build and maintain it on their behalf. fair enough.

so there is a gitlab package out there in the repo that synology uses for it’s ‘package center’, and pins to gitlab version 7.9.3. sameersbn/gitlab is the repo. synology (or docker folks?) have written a docker command with a lot of extra env params specific to the synology device. i really don’t know what this command looks like or where it resides when it kicks off and builds/runs the docker container.

my problem is that i really need to pull the LATEST version of this repo to acquire 7.13 of gitlab without completely destroying what is already in place via package center. gitlab v.7.11+ introduces 2-factor auth, which i need before exposing this host to the www in order to sync repos between my local gitlab and remote github projects via oauth.

i don’t know where the build/run commands come from on the synology side, and i’m worried that a future “package update” will wipe it again…thus compromising my data on the synology host. i think (if i understand this correctly) a docker pull would require me to rebuild the container…which makes me think i would lose my env vars and hooks to the local host data. if this isn’t true, could someone explain how i could do this to the live house with [perhaps] less compromise to my current data?

does anyone have some recommendations or have some greater docker-foo knowledge than i do assist me with this one? i hope the force is strong with whoever is reading this message. thanks in advance for reading this novel…

Ok, maybe I should put this differently. Is there a way to do a pull of the latest image without having to rebuild the container? I don’t think so, but looking for confirmation before I toast all of my GitLab data. :smile:

I would be interested in this too. Especially, because I can run a higher version of the docker engine on my ubuntu machine and I foresee using features that require a higher version number than currently available on my diskstation. As far as data is concerned, I have been struggling with loss of data and settings (in test environment). I guess that to make data invulnerable to any changes, the use of ‘data only containers’ is the way to go.

hmm, I think you were talking about something completely different… sorry, I’m new to the subject.