Cannot Get Synology Images to Work

Hello everyone. I have a Synology Disk Station DS3615xs that I have been installing regular packages on. I was on the Synology forum today and someone told me that Docker was the was to go as it does not mess with DSM itself other than for the installation of Docker. I installed Docker and added a few packages which include, Sonarr, Radarr, and Headphones from the community.

I believe I installed everything right. I went to registry and searched what I wanted. Went to Image to install them. Clicked launch and configured. I had assumed that was it and I could open the program on my local machine but I am getting a page not found when searching for localhost:xxx

Here is my settings. Can someone help me out? I haven’t found much info pertaining to Synology devices.

{“cap_add”:[],“cap_drop”:[],“cmd”:"",“cpu_priority”:0,“ddsm_bind_share”:"",“devices”:[],“enable_publish_all_ports”:false,“enable_restart_policy”:false,“enabled”:true,“env_variables”:[],“exporting”:false,“id”:“d151e2db89ce16208276f161176f1f24e676753706680f080aa8580d09f9b631”,“image”:“linuxserver/sonarr:latest”,“is_ddsm”:false,“is_package”:false,“links”:[],“memory_limit”:0,“name”:“Sonarr”,“network”:[{“name”:“bridge”}],“port_bindings”:[{“container_port”:8989,“fixed”:false,“host_port”:0,“type”:“tcp”}],“privileged”:false,“shortcut”:{“enable_shortcut”:true,“enable_status_page”:true,“enable_web_page”:false},“use_host_network”:false,“volume_bindings”:[{“host_volume_file”:"/TV Shows",“mount_point”:"/tvshows",“type”:“rw”}]}

Any of those looking for a solution for their Synology device check out Dr. Frankenstein’s website.