Docker on Windows 2017 How to switch do Linux Container

I Installed docker ona windows server 2016.Like described here:

Now the container runs per default as windows container but i want to have it running linux container.

On My desktop machine I’ve a tray icon where i can switch this. but on there server there isn’t one

So what do i have to do tochange to linux container or how to get the tray icon?

did you found out of you can switch to linux containers?
i am also wanting to know how it is possible

The new edge installer supports installing on Windows Server 2016:

I spotted that link this morning and not having much luck (cant even uninstall it once I installed it)
sadly my server 2016 machine cant run hyper-v as it doesnt have the SLA capabilities,
however i can run virtualbox machines without any issues, is the a way to tell docker to use VB instead of hyper v?

For that, you can use Docker Toolbox or Docker machine.

@friism To clarify, is the experimental support for Windows 2016 related to the recent announcement of Linux containers running natively on Windows server through Hyper-V? Is this using LinuxKit under the hood? I’m trying to get a picture of how support for LinuxKit will be introduced in existing tooling. Thanks!


Is this using LinuxKit under the hood

For running Linux containers, it uses a Linux Hyper-V VM that runs LinuxKit.

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