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Linux Containers on Server 2016

Is there a way and if not are there plans to bring the ability to run Linux Hyper-V containers on Server 2016? I’m having trouble finding a definitive answer one way or another. On Windows 10 you can run Linux Hyper-V containers but I can’t seem to figure out how to do the same with Docker in Server 2016. This is taken from the docker-for-windows page here:

Switch between Windows and Linux containers (Beta feature)
Starting with Beta 26, you can select which daemon (Linux or Windows) the Docker CLI talks to. Select Switch to Windows containers to toggle to Windows containers. Select Switch to Linux containers.

Microsoft Developer Network has preliminary/draft information on Windows containers here.

This feature is not yet available on stable builds.strong text

It also appears that this switch is possible with the DockerCli switch of --SwitchDaemon. However, with Server 2016 I don’t get DockerCli installed and I don’t see any flags to dockerd.exe that look like they would allow me to switch the OS/Arch setting.

I’ve done quite a bit of searching and I’m getting a lot of mixed information from “it will never work” to “it should work”. Does anyone have linux Hyper-V containers working in Server 2016? Is it possible? Will it be possible?

I would love to know this information as well. There is literally ZERO information out there on Server 2016 running linux in docker.

Hi guys! For me this question is still relevant.

I too would love to know if this plans to be supported.

Still no answers? Why?

Sorry about the lack of response. This is being worked on:

Also see my comment here: Run docker as a service

How can we confirm which “mode” docker is running in on Windows if installed on Server 2016 (thus no GUI).

Ultimately I’d like a way to switch bu for now I’ll settle for knowing how to tell which mode I’m currently in. Need to be able to run Windows containers.