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Docker on Windows not working properly


(Sanutopia) #1

Hello Friends,

I am trying to install Docker Toolbox on Windows 7 Enterprise, but having issues to do that successfully.
Here are the steps I am following.

1.Create Inbound rule on Windows Firewall with IP range [ ]

2.Run “DockerToolbox.exe” which installs all components

3.Run Docker Quickstart Terminal which copies boot2docker.iso , creates virtual box VM and SSH key , starts VM

4.Then it is stuck with message “Waiting for an IP” , but I can see that the VM is up and running on VirtualBox

5.Finally it is failing with message :
“Error creating machine: Error in driver during machine creation: Too many retries waiting for SSH to be available.”

6.Now if I close Quickstart Terminal and run it again , it is staring “Interactive Shell” , but with error messages
a) Error checking TLS connection: ssh command error: exit status 255
b) Error getting IP address: ssh command error: exit status 255

Please suggest how to resolve this and make the docker functional.

Thanking you

(Hannesmvw) #2

Hi, any luck yet? If not, here are my steps to get Docker installed and running on Windows 7 Enterprise:

1 Install Docker Toolbox on Windows 7
2 To be able to create symbolic links inside the shared directory:
2a Allow creation of symbolic links:
2ai Start->Run secpol.msc
2aii Add your username under Local Policies->User Rights Assignment->Create symbolic links
2b Run docker as administrator:
2bi Press Start, type: docker
2bii Right click on Docker Quickstart Terminal and select Properties->Advanced->Run as administrator
3 To stop MingW from mangling absolute paths, set the following env vars on Windows (,
4 If you want to change where your home directory is located, do this in C:\Program Files\Git\etc\profile.d\
5 Start->Docker Quickstart Terminal
6 Wait until VM creation has finished, then exit the terminal
7 Launch Oracle VM VirtualBox as administrator (admin rights needed for symlink support)
8 Stop the VM
9 Change the following settings:
9a System: Set RAM and CPU settings to your liking
9b Display: Increase Video Memory to 10MB (to mute the warning)
9c To share a home directory outside of C:\users<signum>, start Oracle VM VirtualBox manager and add a Shared Folder:
e.g. C:\work\home -> c/work/home
10 Re-launch Docker Quickstart Terminal

Note: To access the boot2docker VM: ssh docker@ (password: tcuser)