Docker on Windows not working properly

Hello Friends,

I am trying to install Docker Toolbox on Windows 7 Enterprise, but having issues to do that successfully.
Here are the steps I am following.

1.Create Inbound rule on Windows Firewall with IP range [ ]

2.Run “DockerToolbox.exe” which installs all components

3.Run Docker Quickstart Terminal which copies boot2docker.iso , creates virtual box VM and SSH key , starts VM

4.Then it is stuck with message “Waiting for an IP” , but I can see that the VM is up and running on VirtualBox

5.Finally it is failing with message :
“Error creating machine: Error in driver during machine creation: Too many retries waiting for SSH to be available.”

6.Now if I close Quickstart Terminal and run it again , it is staring “Interactive Shell” , but with error messages
a) Error checking TLS connection: ssh command error: exit status 255
b) Error getting IP address: ssh command error: exit status 255

Please suggest how to resolve this and make the docker functional.

Thanking you

Hi, any luck yet? If not, here are my steps to get Docker installed and running on Windows 7 Enterprise:

1 Install Docker Toolbox on Windows 7
2 To be able to create symbolic links inside the shared directory:
2a Allow creation of symbolic links:
2ai Start->Run secpol.msc
2aii Add your username under Local Policies->User Rights Assignment->Create symbolic links
2b Run docker as administrator:
2bi Press Start, type: docker
2bii Right click on Docker Quickstart Terminal and select Properties->Advanced->Run as administrator
3 To stop MingW from mangling absolute paths, set the following env vars on Windows (,
4 If you want to change where your home directory is located, do this in C:\Program Files\Git\etc\profile.d\
5 Start->Docker Quickstart Terminal
6 Wait until VM creation has finished, then exit the terminal
7 Launch Oracle VM VirtualBox as administrator (admin rights needed for symlink support)
8 Stop the VM
9 Change the following settings:
9a System: Set RAM and CPU settings to your liking
9b Display: Increase Video Memory to 10MB (to mute the warning)
9c To share a home directory outside of C:\users<signum>, start Oracle VM VirtualBox manager and add a Shared Folder:
e.g. C:\work\home -> c/work/home
10 Re-launch Docker Quickstart Terminal

Note: To access the boot2docker VM: ssh docker@ (password: tcuser)