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Docker OSX conflicts with running local DynamoDB

(Scriptjs) #1

Expected behavior

Docker OSX will not interfere with other running apps on system.

Actual behavior

Local DynamoDB starts but does not provide database access.


Shut down docker. Able to use DynamoDB. The port dynamo local uses port 8000.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Install DynamoDB local
  2. Create a database with records
  3. Start Docker OSX.
  4. Start DynamoDB
$  java -Djava.library.path=./DynamoDBLocal_lib -jar DynamoDBLocal.jar

(Justin Cormack) #2

Hi, we are not using port 8000 in docker for mac. Were you running a container on port 8000? If so that would conflict.

(Scriptjs) #3

Yeah. Had not run dynamo since installing the beta where a number of containers were migrated and running. Just a little too used to launching through quick start terminal. Docker is becoming too seemless :slight_smile: Thanks.

(Dave Tucker) #4