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Docker pending request inside web server

(Dariopenas) #1

Hi there!

My application has a test that makes a call to my API and, inside that logic, it makes another call to another endpoint.

In order to execute it, I exec into the docker container and run the tests using PHPUnit, which creates a web server on localhost:8880.

The test is something like this: It makes a POST call to localhost:8880/a/b and inside there, it will make a call to localhost:8880/x. This is where the problem resides, since this second call will be pending forever (or until it times out).

Needless to say, this logic works fine when I execute the endpoint outside the test environment or without using Docker, I only encounter this issue when running the tests inside a docker container.

I’ve tried changing that second call from localhost to, but that still didn’t seem to work.

Any ideas on what the problem is and how can it be fixed?