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Docker playground getting started page won't load on port 80

Docker Playground Issue

Short Sumary

I am new to docker and I want to try out the docker playground. I am having an issue with the Docker 101 Tutorial.

Steps done

  • Signed up for docker
  • Loged in to
  • opend a pwd and ran the command: docker run -dp 80:80 docker/getting-started:pwd
  • clicked on the port 80 badge

The Problem

After clicking the port 80 badge a new tab opend in my chrome browser with the url:
The new page just keeps loading and after a while stops with this error screen:

Can someone tell me what the problem is?

I am currently facing this issue too.I pulled another docker image and ran it but after clicked port badge it did not work.I tried same container previously and then it worked fine.

The problem on my part is that something is blocking the port 80 on my pc. What we are trying to do in the tutorial is forward from the Port 80 from the docker container to the port 80 of the host (in my case my laptop). I set up my firewall so that port 80 was allowed, I also allowed port forwarding on my router, I ever deactivated my firewall and went online through my phone so that I didn’t use my router. I even tried changing the port on my pc. But nothing worked. Something is blocking all my ports if something is trying to reach my pc from the web.
Maybe you can try some of the hings I listed above. None worked for me but it may work for you. :slight_smile: