Error: Terminal doesn't appear in Docker Playground

Can anyone tell me why the terminal doesn’t appear in my Docker Playground? I don,t have any clue for this one. It has been since a few days ago.

Assuming you’re referring to that works for me, right now. (A bit earlier I got a white page with an error “We are really sorry but we are out of capacity and cannot create your session at the moment. Please try again later.” but that would not even show anything else.)

So: did it ever work in the browser you’re using, and what if you use an incognito browser or a different browser altogether? Anything in the browser’s console? (Often the F12 button.)

It worked in the same browser.
I try your advice to use incognito and it works.
Thank you so much.

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That probably means that removing your browser’s cache may work too. Or if not, then removing the site’s cookies (and whatever other storage it used in your browser) may help. (That’s basically what an incognito window gives you: a fresh new browser without cached content and without cookies and all.)

Okay, I get the point. Thank you for make it clear…