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Docker pull failed, response code 408


(Mario21ic) #1

Expected behavior

Download image

Actual behavior

Pulling db (postgres:9.4)...
ERROR: error parsing HTTP 408 response body: invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value: "<html><body><h1>408 Request Time-out</h1>\nYour browser didn't send a complete request in time.\n</body></html>\n\n"


  • pinata diagnose -u
    OS X: version 10.11.4 (build: 15E65) version v1.11.0-beta6
    Running diagnostic tests:
    [OK] docker-cli
    [OK] Moby booted
    [OK] driver.amd64-linux
    [OK] vmnetd
    [OK] osxfs
    [OK] db
    [OK] slirp
    [OK] menubar
    [OK] environment
    [OK] Docker
    [OK] VT-x
    Url attach ouput
  • Not Dockerfile
  • host distribution OSX 10.11.4

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Install private beta on Mac
  2. docker pull any_image

(Mario21ic) #2

It resolved with vpn compatibility mode