Docker pull requires auth using IPv6, but our IPv6 is blocked

We are running into an issue, which has just popped up (was working fine before the start of the month).

The issue is we get sent to, but since ipv6 is blocked at our company, that fails.

The simplest way to replicate it, is to run this command:

docker run hello-world

that gives us this error:

docker: Error response from daemon: Head "": Get "": dial tcp: lookup no such host.

If I open in a browser and look at the response headers, I see that it says get bearer token from the ipv6 site:

	Bearer realm="",service="",scope="repository:library/hello-world:pull"

So not sure, if there has been a change in our end and Docker “senses” we have IPv6 and gives us the ipv6 auth server or it is a change at Docker.

Anyone else had this issue or knows how to mitigate it ?