Docker pull staphb/multiqc

Hi every body

I attempt to use “docker pull staphb/multiqc” But I having the problems “no matching manifest for linux/arm64/v8 in the manifest list entries”

Please help me

Thank you so much

Check on - if you search for the “latest”-tag you only get a 3 months old image only available for “linux/amd64”. But even the newest image available (which is tagged with “2.23.0-2024-06-01” and therefore have to be pulled using docker pull staphb/mlst:2.23.0-2024-06-01) is only available for “linux/amd64” and not for arm-CPUs.

Here is a link to a blog on on how to cross-build images:
Building Multi-Arch Images for Arm and x86 with Docker Desktop | Docker

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