Pull image from DockerHub

Getting below error, when trying to pull image from my docker hub account on Linux box.
Surprisingly the same below command works fine on my Windows client env.

docker pull xxxx/app-images:v7

manifest for docker.io/xxxx/app-images:v7 not found

The error would make sense, if you configured your Docker on Windows to run Windows containers, and pushed a Windows container image to the repository. At least it might explain why the manifest for the Windows image is ignored on a Linux system.

Thanks Metin for your response. The docker image is created on linux machine and pushed to docker hub , I do see the image on my docker hub account.
But when pulling the image from other linux machine (Deployment Server) receiving the error that i provided before (see below). Appreciate your review.

manifest for docker.io/xxxx/app-images:v7 not found

Please share the outputs of docker version and docker info from the machine where it is not working.

A different cpu architecture will, and older docker engine versions can cause problems.