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Docker push and associated Dockerfile

(K3ck3c) #1


Sorry if this is obvious, maybe I missed it in the docs.

I have successfully pushed a new version of captvty to the dockerhub using my account. But I would like to
also put my Dockerfile. How do I get it there ? It was in the current directory when I pushed my image.

Thanks for any hint

(Hudspeth) #2

I would also like to know. I was able to push my docker image but the associated Dockerfile did not upload. Just my tag did.

(K3ck3c) #3

Up! any clue? I guess this is obvious.

(Jerry Baker) #4

The Dockerfile tab will only display on an automated build repository. On a build trigger it clones the repository, builds, and displays the Dockerfile used for the build and the build log/details.