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Show Dockerfile in Docker Cloud Repo


I just created a repo located here:
I linked it to my gitHub and did an auto build, but my repo in Docker Hub doesn’t show the dockerfile.

Anyone know how I can get that to show?

Thanks in advance.

(Joergklein) #2

I have the same problem. I am missing the Dockerfile and builds tabs. Also the Source Repository. I have an old Repo that shows all the information

Here is the new Repo that are not shown the information


Any update on this?

Facing the same problem :cry:

(Tophfr) #4

same here
only my old repo have the Dockerfile tab and the Github link
I can’t figure out how to solve this


I’m also having the same issue. Here are the links to my docker image and github repository.

I’ve linked my github account and setup the automated build. The build does work but the ui for my docker image doesn’t show the dockerfile or the github link.


I noticed this as well. I hope those features were not axed.

The link the “Source Repository” on the right side of the page below “Owner” is missing now too.


Same here.

Docker image with no dockerfile never ensures validity and reliability of using it.

A huge deterioration… :sob:

(Ming He) #8

We are working on this right now. Should be able to solve this next week.


I have the same issue with this repository:
The DockerFile and Builds tabs are missing, as well as the link to source repository.

(nopity nope) #10

I have the same issue. Dockerfile and build tabs are missing, and it doesn’t show the associated github repo.