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Docker push to azure conatiner registry exits with EOF

While using docker push the command always exits with an EOF error.

The push refers to repository [] 7387f39edda5: Layer already exists f2868d922c36: Layer already exists a1a215f52b02: Pushing [==================================================>] 851d4ecec8fb: Layer already exists e16c226cf2a8: Layer already exists 7fd597d009e4: Pushing [==================================================>] 7c6ab5fb7059: Layer already exists ed271eac23e9: Layer already exists 156ff16f37e4: Retrying in 8 seconds EOF

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I am also facing the same issue with docker push and docker-compose push. The error is really annoying. The image size is 950MB.
Any help is highly appreciated.
following are the things I tried

  1. Set the max-concurrent-uploads:2
  2. Restarted Docker multiple times
  3. Tried docker push and docker-compose push commands multiple times

Windows 10 Enterprise, x64
Docker version 20.10.2, build 2291f61

thank you for the info!
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