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Docker Quickstart Terminal for Docker for Windows

(Vvsh) #1


I would like to create the same we have in Docker Toolbox: Docker Quickstart Terminal.

My issue that when I execute docker-machine ls - table is empty, when my Docker is started and I am able to run containers using docker-compose. Also docker run command works well.

Could you please help how to do it?

(Michael Friis) #2

After installing Docker for Windows, you can use Docker from any terminal that you like, eg. cmd.exe or powershell or Git-bash or Cygwin. You don’t have to worry about docker-machine, Docker, docker-compose and other Docker tools will just work.

This post has a few more details: Isn't the MobyLinuxVM the default docker-machine?

(Vvsh) #3

Thanks, but how can I find out ip address of docker machine as docker-machine env prints?

(Michael Friis) #4

Details here: