Docker.raw is way too big

Hello everyone,

I am posting because I am using docker and I’ve noticed that the size of the containers is 39.1gb, which is insanely big.
When i am doing docker image prune, I get this:

Total reclaimed space: 0B

When I am doing docker image ls:

rails_container         latest                0c4507bd9f9e   10 days ago     2.28GB
nginx                   alpine                b8c17063b1a2   3 weeks ago     22MB
postgres                11                    13c13ccc7fcd   3 weeks ago     194MB
browserless/chrome      1.51-chrome-stable    2efd7277a300   2 months ago    2.27GB
localstack/localstack   latest                fcc4ddf2e9cc   2 months ago    1.5GB
redis                   latest                6f72dd2e7b80   2 months ago    107MB
eugenmayer/unison       2.51.3-4.12.0-AMD64   e3352b0c2411   10 months ago   452MB

And docker system prune:

Total reclaimed space: 1.207GB

And finally, docker system df:

Images          7         7         6.823GB   0B (0%)
Containers      9         9         13.63MB   0B (0%)
Local Volumes   10        5         3.697GB   85.28kB (0%)
Build Cache     22        0         0B        0B

Where are those 39.1gb coming from? I’ve been told it shouldn’t exceed a few gigabytes.
Could someone help me figure this out?
MacOS 12.3.1 / Docker 4.7.0