Docker Registry API and push from registry server to target web server with Docker

  • Issue type - Docker Registry v2 API push
  • OS Version/build Windows 2019 19809
  • App version 19.03.5 Enterprise Edition

I have successfully can push images to my Docker registry server using the “docker tag” and “docker push” commands from a Powershell prompt on my own box. I can see them when I use Postman and run the GET /v2/_catalog.

However, how to I push them from the Registry server to the targeted test envioronment? Would I use the Docker Registry API to push from the registry server to the test server or pull using the API from the test server where Docker EE is already running?

I can’t find what is the recommended way to deploying from the registry server to my pre-production/test environment. I’m looking for some best practices to get the image that I build and push to the registry server ultimately to my test and production environments.

I’m looking for advice since most of us are unfamiliar with the API