Docker Registry public IP addresses


My firm is going to be standing up some containers and we are using docker hub to build the images. Our target systems are going to be in a DMZ without internet access however we can request certain IP addresses be whitelisted so we can retrieve the images.

The question is what IP addresses does the public docker hub use so that we can request firewall rules be added. Doing a dig on returns the following IPs but I suspect there may be more that actually represent the registry



There isn’t a published list of IPs that the official registry uses. They aren’t guaranteed to stay the same and aren’t guaranteed, unfortunately.

Thanks Jeff

I’ll look at mirroring internally.

Hi @programmerq I would like to know if this is still the case, because I need to do exactly the same thing op wanted to do. Is there an official statement by Docker about this that you know of?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Docker Registry is hosted on AWS and uses Elastic Load Balancers, which will alway have multiple ips that eventualy change.

The common approach is to have a pull thru proxy for the images with a registry like Nexus3 or Artifactory Container Registry.