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List of Docker Hub mirror sites to configure proxy whitelist

(Pejut) #1

I’m using Docker behind enterprise firewall and proxy. The proxy is very restricted, in practise all urls I want access need to be added to proxy whitelist.
This means I can’t use docker pull, until all needed urls are whitelisted.

Is there a (updated) list of all mirror site urls used by Docker Hub when docker pull is issued?

By suprise, I couldn’t find such list by googling, which makes me wonder is there an alternative way to access Docker Hub behind a proxy? Might be also that our proxy settings are beyond comparison to other companies settings…

(Pejut) #2

I finally got through to Docker Hub via the company proxy. To ease up things for others having strict proxy policy, below the list of urls needed to whitelist to get through:

Please note that the list is site specific, depending on your location. This worked from North Europe. Also the mirrors may change from time to time… still looking for up-to-date list of mirrors…