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Docker remote API is not accessible

Expected behavior

Secured remote docker API port is available, and access is appropriately firewalled based on user input.

Actual behavior

Remote API is unsecured, and only available tunneled over SSH with a recent version of SSH not readily available on may clients.

Additional Information

Ideally I’d like to see this capability emulate some of the convenience features for docker-machine, in particular remote, secure API access from a client machine and the management of certs on behalf of the customer.

This would make use of this project for development work – in particular service connectivity and orchestration between containerized micro services – much more convenient than currently.

I’ve started hacking a bit to include AccessRange parameter for the CFN template.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Standard deployment.

I ran into same problem, I use remote api to provision containers from a Java application. Did you find any way around? One way could using socat on master node to direct TCP traffic to Unix socket.

Hi @robparrott,

Would you show me how did you setup the SSH tunnel and access the remote API, please? I tried but without luck.