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Docker run does not expose container to host machine - OSX

i’m using the following command to create a docker container and mount a volume. I can shell into it fine, install and clone projects into it, they run etc but I can’t access the container from the host machine.

I’ve updated the webpack config to have the following host & port but still no luck. Not sure what else to try? I need to mount the volume and run inside the container but access the code and the server from the host. I know this is possible, i"m just missing one step from my configuration.

OSX: 10.12.1
Docker: 1.12.3

– Webpack config

publicPath: isProd ? ‘/’ : ‘’,
– Docker command

docker run --rm -w /code -ti -v ~/.ssh:/root/.ssh -v $(pwd)/angular2-dockertest:/code -p 8080:8080 node:6 bash