Docker Running on Jenkins

Hi All,

I have Openshift running in my system.I have got a Jenkins image running on it.I have successfully ran the jenkins Classic GUI.However when I am trying to run the docker commands in Execute Shell for example
docker info.It is giving me an error as docker command not found.

I know the issue I have installed the docker plugin from Manage Jenkins.However I am not knowing how to configure it in Manage Jenkins -> Configure System.My main intention is to build docker image out of it which helps for our CI/CD pipeline execution.

Any Help from the community team is highly appreciated.


You need to map your docker socket in jenkins container configuration:

-v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock

Thanks very much deni.

Could you please elloborate little more.If you have some link please share it with me.

This link has a lot of info

I personally needed to install Docker client on top of the jenkins/jenkins:lts-slim image, I am not sure this is the correct way but it is hard to find proven working example for running Jenkins container which uses Docker internally.

unfortunately it didnt helped me out.Not able to recognize docker commands in jenkins container