Docker scout with on prem registry

I am having trouble finding documentation that doesn’t just not mention the idea of using a self hosted registry. I don’t know why that wouldn’t be an option, especially with a dockerhub hosted/maintained registry image.

I just wanted to see if anyone has had any luck using docker scout with an on-prem registry. Or any other docker container scanning thing. My backup is to use the docker scout API paired with the docker API so I can connect the registry, iterate through images and invoke the scout CLI. Something pseudo codey like:

docker login <registry>
foreach (image in registry)
  docker scout cves image

Curious if anyone else found something better, either with scout or not.

Docker Hub is much more than the distribution (a.k.a. registry), so just because it is stored on Docker Hub, it will not necessarily support what Docker Hub does.

Docker scout integrations:

Yeah, i kind of figured ;/ Anyone know of a good non-docker scout alternative? Most things out there I’ve found tend to be monoliths. An entire resources library that comes with scanning, or an entire replacement for azure devops, etc. I just want the ability to scan a registry given an endpoint address…shouldn’t be that hard

Before Docker Scout, Docker Hub used Snyk.

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