Docker service logs with syslog


I’ve setup syslog as the log-driver of all the docker daemons part of my swarm but when I try to use

docker service logs SERVICENAME the request simply stalls, until I interrupt it.
I’m using Docker CE 17.05 on CentOS 7.3 and when I issue

systemctl status docker -l on one of the nodes I get this:

may 17 15:28:15 whale02.swarm docker[1061]: time="2017-05-17T15:28:15.779098827+02:00" level=error msg="logs call failed" error="container not ready for logs: context canceled" module="node/agent/taskmanager"

Is this supposed to work? Or service logs doesn’t work with syslog the same waycontainers logs do not work?

The docker logs command is not available for drivers other than json-file and journald.