Service logs in swarm look like they come from 2 different services

Hi I am new to docker and I am running a 3 cluster swarm that is running Elasticsearch. I am having some stability problems with elasticsearch and as I have been reviewing the logs I came across something that looks strange to me. This is part of the logs I get from the docker service logs command

central_logger_elasticsearch1.1.zhr2t9qcu74u@logger-swarm2 | [2018-06-05T03:23:11,377][WARN ][o.e.t.n.Netty4Transport ] [elasticsearch1] send message failed [channel: NettyTcpChannel{localAddress=/, remoteAddress=/}]
central_logger_elasticsearch1.1.opeyu1jgh7yd@logger-swarm2 | at ~[?:?]
central_logger_elasticsearch1.1.zhr2t9qcu74u@logger-swarm2 | java.nio.channels.ClosedChannelException: null
central_logger_elasticsearch1.1.opeyu1jgh7yd@logger-swarm2 | at io.netty.util.concurrent.SingleThreadEventExecutor$ ~[?:?]
central_logger_elasticsearch1.1.zhr2t9qcu74u@logger-swarm2 | at$AbstractUnsafe.write(…)(Unknown Source) ~[?:?]
central_logger_elasticsearch1.1.opeyu1jgh7yd@logger-swarm2 | … 1 more

I get this output from:
docker service logs -f --tail 50 central_logger_elasticsearch1

It looks like there are 2 docker processes intermixed in the logs, but I only see one running. I am wondering if this is a known issue and if so is there anything I can do to resolve it.