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Docker Stack Deploy 2 networks - Reverse Proxy

I currently have several docker services attached to a specific host port, I’ve been asked to move them behind a proxy and only have each service only accessible behind a single apache service.

I’ve tried looking for a configuration that will allow me to create 1 proxy service
and several docker services in 1 network.

I’ve had no luck finding a solution where I can specify 1 IP address to each service (not the container). I
thought I could keep the default network mesh used by docker to do round robin for each container in the service, and use the reverse proxy to communicate to each service with a specified IP address.

Here is a flow

OUTWORLD ----> PROXY>>>>Service_1 / Service_2 / Service_3

A service_x could have n containers using the docker default bridge network and doing the load balancing and assignment.

My understanding was I could do an overlay network between the proxy and the services ( not the containers in the service). Is that correct?