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Docker stopped working after driver uninstall

Hello Docker Community,

I was trying to fix a driver related bug on my laptop and uninstalled quite a few devices in the device manager.

In the process I unfortunately broke my Docker installation, supposedly the Virtual Machine Platform is disabled, but according to Windows features dialog it is.
Docker was working and nothing changed in the BIOS.

How can I fix it?

log.txt (36.0 KB)

Did you try to uninstall Docker, disable the feature in the windows features, reboot, enable it again, reboot and installing Docker again? Windows then can do it’s magic to set things up correctly again. Your log states it is missing the virtual machine platform.

Yes, wsl ubuntu is also not working.

thank you for the knowledge.
Merchant Crypto

I simply made a in place update. The best thing after it’s fixed, your never know what was actually not working.

Issue is fixed.