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Docker support for Ubuntu 18.10 (Cosmic Cuttlefish)

(Alex996) #1

Is there any updates or an ETA for Docker CE for Ubuntu 18.10 desktop OS? I can see that the dist for cosmic has not been added yet. Therefore, the installation instructions from the docs are not applicable to 18.10, because the repository does not exist as of now. It’s somewhat misleading since apt-cache show docker does return Version: 1.5-2 (not sure if I need to look for docker-ce instead, which doesn’t seem to exist).

I’m keeping an eye on two open PRs, (July 2) and (Oct 18), but it would be comforting to know when the support for 18.10 will land in Docker stable. I can’t seem to find any related posts or announcements, or workarounds, since Ubuntu just came out. From a similar issue with 18.04, I do see that new releases take time, but is there a release schedule with expected features and/or additions that I can consult?