Docker Swarm and Consul production setup recommendation


I’d like to set up a production HA Docker Swarm cluster.

Docker Swarm needs a Key Value store as a precondition, consul in this case.

Now I’m asking what a clever setup would be:

  • Consul should run in Docker containers
  • Consul must be HA and automatically scaleable
  • Consul containers should be managed with Docker Swarm (this would need consul running though)


  • Running consul on the host is not an option
  • Having to manage consul containers manually is not an option
  • Docker Swarm with a Docker Hub token is not an option


Any ideas how this chicken or the egg problem can be solved in a clean and reliable manner for efficient operation?

Multiple swarm instances would certainly look like a reasonable
approach but how to setup the initial swarm without consul and swarm?

PS: Feel also free to answer my question over at stackexchange’s serverfault

Hi, have you been able to figure something out?

I’m looking into this as well, but couldn’t find a proper solution yet.



Not really. Best approach looks to me atm something like RancherOS where you have a system docker instance and a user docker instance. But I have not looked at it in detail yet.


Ok thanks, I’ll look into that :wink: