Docker Swarm API


The Docker Swarm API says that /containers endpoint would return a new field called “Node”. However, when I tried with it, I found the output looked like:

[root@vmr720-12-v01 ~]# curl -s -XGET http://localhost:2376/containers/json
[{“Id”:“cc1b4e693cfb6014b172d229e2231514cb6e22a4550a832800736cd2040bd026”,“Names”:["/hostname/naughty_cray"],“Image”:“ubuntu”,“Command”:"/bin/bash",“Created”:1440088060,“Status”:“Up About a minute”,“Ports”: [],“SizeRw”:0,“SizeRootFs”:0,“Labels”:{}}]

Here I can see the container name is appended with “/hostname/”. Please clarify if the documentation needs a change or the API output would change in future to match the documentation.