How to specify our own unique node ID or Node name to docker swarm nodes

Is there a way where we can specify our own unique node id so that it is reflected accordingly in below node output

15u5ohob9dpvemzhdb2rtcwgr 0-16-3e-33-0-0 Ready Active

Also, how can you specify a node name so that list node output reflects that in Spec.Name ?

“ID”: “24ifsmvkjbyhk”,
“Version”: {
“Index”: 8
“CreatedAt”: “2016-06-07T20:31:11.853781916Z”,
“UpdatedAt”: “2016-06-07T20:31:11.999868824Z”,
“Spec”: {
“Name”: “my-node”,
“Role”: “manager”,
“Availability”: “active”
“Labels”: {
“foo”: “bar”

Just opened

to sum up: having a placeholder {{.Node.Name}} in which is the real docker host’s name

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Did you get any further then github issue which was closed? I still don’t see a way to pass nodename to container.

sadly not.
however, i have been busy with another tasks, so didn’t have time to insist/charge