Docker Swarm - Broken N00b

Hey all

I have been playing with docker for a little while now u originally had it installed on ubnt 18.04 and had portainer installed.

I decided to add our spare blade center into the mix so I made the original host the manager and added 6 workers I then followed the agent guide so portainer would see the resources in all nodes. I deployed the portainer agent butthen tried to do the next step of the guide deploying the docker as an instance (when I already had portainer installed) I then removed the container and tried to do the docker as a service butthe agent keeps spinning up this swarm version of portainer with no end points.

I’ve Essentially broken it for now how can I fix this? And was it silly of me to only have the 1 manager and 6 workers?

Sooo in theory you can have as many works as you want BUT you have to think about resources.
I would read this: