Docker swarm for iot device / robot deployment

Hi all,

I have been using docker mainly for CI and it has been working great so far. My CI is building docker images and I would like to deploy these images on multiple devices / robots (all exactly the same image).

Now I was looking into docker swarm and I manage to deploy the container to multiple worker nodes. Besides managing the running containers on the workers I want the containers also to start on startup. So I realized this with a startup job that simply starts a specific container. However, when I connect my device with the swarm manager again, this running container is not recognized in the swarm.

So I have some questions regarding the usage of the swarm functionality for IOT device deployment:

  • Is the swarm functionality the way to go for my usecase or should I just remotely connect to the multiple external hosts? (I would like to be able to manage the running containers remotely and maybe use something like

The difference between the “cluster use-case” and “IOT deploy use-case” is that most of the time the workers are not connected to the managers but we still want to fire up a container at startup.

I appreciate your feedback,