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Deploy and update Docker containers on IoT devices - question

My company is building 2 IoT products, running on Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jetson Nano. We are going to deploy around 1500 devices around the world (some will run on 4G modem and some on WIFI).

Currently in our lab, locally, it is pretty easy to update them with the new image when needed. But when the devices will be out, it will be much harder to keep them updated with the last Docker image, and really monitor the status of the deployment.

I was surprised to find only 2 or 3 tools that are dedicated for IoT and help to deploy container updates on remote embedded Linux devices.

I have tried Azure IoT (which was really complicated), and which is what i’m basically using right now because it’s really simple and they support DockerHub registry…so :slight_smile:

But I’m still now sure if it’s the right path. If there’s someone here that had the same situation or similar, I would be happy to know what he decided to do.

Many thanks!