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Docker Swarm on Multi Regions

(Nfoley84) #1

Hi All,

Quick Question, I would like to create a Dock Swarm Service, that will replica to 5 Nodes that are hosted within different regions, is it possible to route http request to the closet region that has a service container running to that user ?

for Example any users in China will be routed to the Docker Service container running in Australia, EU Customers will be routed to eu-west 1


(Michael Friis) #2

This is a really interesting use-case, but not one currently in scope for Docker Swarm. For optimal operation, nodes in any single swarm should be connected by a low-latency link. For example, having nodes spread over availability-zones in an AWS region is fine, but having nodes spread across regions (with relatively high latency links between them) is not likely to work.

For now, I would recommend managing multi-region designs above the swarm-layer, by running multiple independent swarms and spreading load between them as desired.

(Nfoley84) #3

Thanks for the reply. Will work on a different design module.

(Techguidedchoice) #4

We are using eureka as service registry and clients can route traffic to appropriate same data center