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Docker swarm or kubernetes stack deploy compose & secrets


(Bitsofinfo) #1

With the announcement of kubernetes orchestration support and that docker stack compose files can be used when targeting deployment on kubernetes as the backend, how will the secret functionality of the compose format be handled/translated for kubernetes? Will that be supported?

We are developing some new containers and would like to pick the best approach for CLI deployment and management policies that will be compatible w/ the future Docker orchestration direction (i.e. k8 or swarm). From this video ( it sounded like we should just go w/ using compose files and docker stack deploy… then if I understand correctly we could swap out orchestration targets (k8/swarm) with little effort

So… if I am correct… will this pertain to secrets as well?

(Bitsofinfo) #2

Anyone? Anyone have any info on this from the docker team?

(Bitsofinfo) #3

Can anyone from docker answer this?

This page give a tiny squeak of info but not real info on the syntax changes to compose’s format

(Bitsofinfo) #4

for anyone else looking: