Docker swarm questions


i am new to docker swarm and ihave a few questions since i am a noob with swarm.
Currently i am using the following github image:

I have manualy connected for example sabnzb to the image but everytime if there is an update for qdm12/gluetun I have to reconfigure all the images that are connecting to qdm12/gluetun so they run there connection true that container

I have asked in there github how to solve this issue and they recommanded to run the image in a swarm.
Now i have never used swarm and do not know how to set this up.

I have set portainer to show the option of swarm but my understanding of it is still to little.
has anyone have some good places where i can find some more information on how to work with swarm or know how set this up?

I am surprised that a short google search didn’t find the swarm documentation: There is also a getting started section on how to setup a swarm.

If you are familiar with docker compose files, you already know how to write compose files for swarm stack deployments. There are just a couple of additional elements in the compose file. Since the compose specification doesn’t differentiate between docker compose and swarm stack deployments, I’d suggest to lock at the v3 specifications as they are aimed for swarm stack deployments:

Please make yourself squinted with this documentation, if you have any questions regarding something you don’t understand in there, feel free to ask about it here.

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