Docker swarm routing mesh not working

Hi there, i have 3 VPS that are hosted on Oracle Cloud, I installed the docker engine and all the components to set up routing mesh, but the routing mesh functionality is not working.

All the required ports are opened, (by default Oracle cloud images provide iptables, before installing docker, I already removed default iptables) and checked port reachability with “netcat”

In all nodes, Ingress Network is present after joined to swarm cluster

Im using Oracle Cloud free tier which ARM64-based VMs,

To check the issue, i created a another swarm cluster on Vultr, in there its working perfectly.

as I checked, I realized this is something with oracle cloud images. but I don’t know what is the exact issue for not working routing mesh on oracle cloud VMs.
Appreciate Someones Help :pray:
Docker version: 20.10.22
OS: Ubuntu 20.04LTS ARM64v8
RAM: 24GB Master, 12GBx2 Workers