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Docker swarm with multi manager/master nodes

Currently we are using docker swarm as orchestrator where we have one manager node and multiple worker nodes. Since our micro-services are growing so we want to setup multiple manager nodes (3). We are using Jenkins for deployment where we are referring manager node IP in commands and we are using Rest APIs for internal communication where again we are calling APIs through manager node IP with specific service port like

https// manager node IP :9007/, https// manager node IP :9008/ etc.

After multiple manager nodes (3) how we can configure Jenkins Jobs and also call the APIs since now we will be having three manager node IPs? if we use external load balance in front of Manager nodes, how the Jenkins jobs will look like and is it a viable option to have external load balance as our services are exposed on different ports (other than 80). Environment we are using is AWS.

The easiest solution is probably the external loadbalancer. Nginx gives you a ultra high performance load balancer and your jenkins job only needs to care about one IP.

thank you for the comments.
so in case of external load balancer, any guide how we can forward it to specific micro-service running on certain port?