Docker tags and regressions

Hi all,

Recently a regression bug was introduced in the php alpine-fpm image and this raise the question of how to manage docker tags. I’ve seen that way of managing tags on /_/php/ but also node, nginx…

Regression will happen again but if we update the tags by replacing the underlying docker image this introduce inconsistency and make it impossible to use the image correctly in a CI/CD pipeline by pinning the “version”.

I’ve never used Docker hub automated build but is it a limitation of that system?

An idea would be to add a suffix to all tags, one with latest like 7.1-fpm-latest and the other with a version, bumped on each modification of the Dockerfile like 7.1-fpm-0.1.0, 7.1-fpm-0.1.1… I agree this will flood the tags section in the repository but follow the Docker paradigm of consistency right?