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Docker Tags Not Working as Expected - Docker Push Doesn't Create new Tag

Hi ALl,

I have a repo: that has an autobuild setup

There are a few things surrounding tags that i don’t understand.

  1. Previously the build was setup so that when i updated the dockerfile on github, and the master branch changes, that triggers a build. That build in turn is flagged with the tag “latest”. However, when i manage the repo, and look at all of the tags, all i see are the hashes (the commit id’s) assosicated with the build. I not see the “latest tag” populated in that list by the autobuild.
  2. i did push to dockerhub manually with the latest tag. i can see that push in this link. BUT when I manage the repo, and look at the list of tagged images, i do’nt see latest there.


  1. Why is the tags view in the public side of dockerhub different from the private side that i see maintaining the repo
  2. How do i force dockerhub to tag “latest” each time it builds from master branch on github? It’s setup to do that in the autobuild like this:

But again i never see a new latest tag (a tag that is dated according to the most recent build from master).
What am i missing?
Many thanks