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Automated builds wit GitHub tags

(Joergklein) #1

I want to use automated build for a public repo.

I pushed and taged the Repo to github.

git add .
git commit -m 'Initial commit'
git tag 2018-4
git push origin master --tags

The next step is to configure the automated build on dockerhub.

Please take a look on my two screenshots and you can see that is an error.

Please see the other two pictures.

I have an old Repo on dockerhub and I can see four tabs and in the new Repo only two tabs. It is very helpfull to see the Dockerfile and Builds.

(Josh) #2

Your tag was “2018-4” but your docker tag is “release-{sourceref}” with a source of “/^[0-9.]+$/”. If you push a tag of “release-2018.4” I believe it will start the build.