Docker template container

Hey there,

sorry for a noob question, but I’m very new to docker and will ask an question, to check if docker will fit my requirements, before “learning” docker intensive.

I’d like to run a graphical application in docker, so I’ve found this. This totally fits my requirements, because I want to use vnc anyway.

Now the general question. When I run a docker container, does it installs everytime everything new? So when running the docker container I firstly have to wait until the installation (of eg. Firefox) has finished? When this is a bigger application that takes some time, but I and the users usually don’t want to wait some minutes, before they can work.

So is it also possible to install it once, and then copy this kind of template to a new container, which will start firefox instantly, because everything is ready to go?

The magic phrase you’re looking for is “Docker image”. The Docker “getting started” tutorial has an example of building a custom image using a Dockerfile and the docker build command.

you use the docker build (of DockerFile) command to execute the install & setup commands to prepare your image for execution…

that docker build creates the image

then you RUN the image.

done well, there is very little startup time.

Thank you very much for the fast help!

Meanwhile I’ve worked with docker and do “learning by doing”. What I’d like to worked already. Thanks :slight_smile: