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Docker to have multiple software versions on a server


(Marin Bînzari) #1


I work in a company and we are reviewing Docker. We have ~50 web sites on PHP. Some of them use PHP 5.4, some PHP 5.6 and we try to migrate them to PHP7, the new sites are on PHP7 )). The database is on a separate server.

My question is if there are some benefits to create containers :
1 for apache
1 for each PHP version or per site is better

I want to hear some feedback from the people that tried Docker for the same purpose.

(Nathan Le Claire) #2

Haven’t done this exact scenario myself, but running different apps with slightly-different versions of base software for those apps side-by-side is an area where Docker really flourishes. e.g., you could have all of your images for some sites be FROM mycompany/php:5.4 and some on FROM mycompany/php:7, then phase out the older ones slowly as you migrate them.