New to Docker - how to create a Webserver (Apache) with php and perl?

i’m pretty new to Docker and currently playing around. I created some container and managed to migrate an application from a vm into a container.
Now i’d like to migrate a web application we are running which has Apache httpd2, perl, php and a postgresql database. Migrating database is easy, i managed this already. But i’m unsure with the webserver.
Following the rule “one container for one service” - do i need extra containers for perl and php ? I don’t believe that. Are there images with httpd and php and perl included ? Or should i chosse an official Apache image and install the needed php and perl packages ?




Can i ask what the perl part does?
If its actually a part of the web application, then yes, i would use the php apache image, and install perl into it.
I dont think there is a image that has all the things, but maybe its time to learn to make Dockerfiles :wink: