Docker Tomcat Conf Files

I am a newb but I am running docker on Ubuntu Xenial. I would like to get SSL working on a webapp built on top of the Tomcat docker container. I have searched /usr/local /var/lib and all of the other usual places for the Tomcat Conf Files and I do not see a Tomcat directory. I have read through several posts across the Internet and I am not sure I completely understand how docker works in relation to a filesystem. Is there a filesystem within the docker container? And if so, How do I access it? Also, if someone can point me to any documentation that deals wit this, I would be very grateful.

TIA for any help given.

Here are the contents of the /usr/local directory where I would expect the Tomcat folder to be

$cd /usr/local
$/usr/local$ ls -a
. … bin etc games include lib man sbin share src

So where are the files?